Organic food - What's all the fuss about?

It’s no secret that the demand for Organic foods has grown massively over the last few years. But, what are the amazing benefits of organic foods and why are they so popular?!

Is it just a trend? It’s our human nature to follow the crowd, and over the year’s organic foods have become increasingly popular worldwide. However, this goes beyond a summer fashion trend, and getting “bikini bod” ready! We are becoming more aware of healthy living, and being good to ourselves, and it’s thanks to the science behind organic food testing!

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times! “You wouldn’t feed that to you dog, so why would you put it in your body?” It’s true! Fuelling our bodies with the “good stuff” is always better than filling it up with unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

“There are some good studies that show that on balance organic goof has higher levels of nutrition.” Andre Leu, Chair of the Organic Federation of Australia

Many people choose to shop organically for health benefits, and for the concern of other products containing several pesticides. Avoiding such chemicals can be difficult, however organic foods aren’t grown commercially and are considered “safe” from pesticides that other products are contaminated with.

A study in 2014 at Newcastle University found that antioxidants contained in organic food, especially fruit and vegetables, can help prevent cancer and heart disease and boost immunity have increased between 19 and 69 per cent! How aware are we of these facts? In recent years it is becoming more and more known to the average consumer that organic food is the better food!

While many choose to eat organic products for the health benefits, other’s will argue organic products genuinely tastes better! Natural healthy strong plants grow beautifully nourished produce! So the next time you eat an apple, choose an organic apple and let your taste buds enjoy the organic flavours!

Products made from organic produce are not only a health benefit, they will taste different and better! Many more brands are using organic produce in their products; they are aware of increase in demand in organic, healthy eating and many growing brands are introducing organic products into their range. At M&J Foods, we understand the health benefits and the need for organic products, which is why we work with many brands who offer the best organic products! Such as Mr Organic, Geo Organics and many more!

Many brands are introducing organic produce in their products, because we are becoming more aware to the benefits of consuming organic foods! Familiarize yourself with organic food and start to see the benefits in your new healthy lifestyle!

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